There is often confusion around nameservers, A records, and where "pointing", "updating" etc should be done.

NOTE: We have two sets of nameservers, those for our DirectAdmin ( & clients and those for our cPanel ( & clients.

If you register a domain with VE Host, and the panel you're using is cPanel then the nameservers are and If you are using DirectAdmin then the nameservers are and Since the nameservers are with VE Host, this makes VE Host authoritative for which means that you can manage the DNS entirely from your VE Host client portal. In short, the place to where the nameservers are pointing is the place where you should create, update and delete DNS records. Examples of DNS records are: A, MX, CNAME, TXT, DMARC etc.

In the event where you registered with another web host, you could still update the nameservers to be and if you are using cPanel. If you are using DirectAdmin then you would update your nameservers to and This would make VE Host authoritative for, thus allowing DNS management for through the VE Host client portal.

There might be a case where you want the website to be hosted with VE Host, but your might want your emails with another web hosting company. In such a case the starting point is to determine where you should change the DNS records to achieve this. This place is of course at the host where the nameserver (NS) records are pointing. For the purposes of this example lets assume the NS records are pointing to VE Host. Next, you'll login to your VE Host client portal and ensure that the A record is pointing to one of VE Host's IP addresses, these are by default setup so you shouldn't need to change anything here. Next, ensure that the MX record is pointing to the web hosting company where your emails are hosted.

As a rule of thumb the website is "hosted" and loads from the web host to where the A is pointing. The DNS is managed at the web host where the NS records are pointing

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